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Sky: Children of the Light





App Name Sky: Children of the Light
Size 962.3 MB
Latest Version v0.11.0 (155403)
MOD Info gameplay
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Update October 1, 2020 (2 hours ago)

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Sky: Children of the Light is an adventure game available for Android users. This game tells the story of a journey of Princess Aurora through the world of Lemuria. The light of the world is becoming dull against the Queen of Darkness of Umbra alongside her dark army. The princess decides to fight against her and wants to bring the light again in her world.

Sky Children of the Light

Mysteries and Role Playing

This role playing game is based on fighting where the players will control Princess Aurora to explore their world. While on journey the players will come in contact with many characters that are a part of fairy tales as well as Igniculus the firefly will also accompany princess to bring back light and uncover the mysteries of the dark world.

Sky Children of the Light

Graphics and Characters

The designs of the game are hand painted and every detail is kept in mind. There are many characters to team up in the game and there are 7 realms to explore and conquer. The characters can be customized with a series of add-ons.

Sky Children of the Light

Socializing and Events

The players can socialize by teaming up with other players from all around the world and the musical experience is extremely amazing. There are seasonal events and expansions allowing player to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Sky Children of the Light


What is the ultimate gift in Sky: Children of the Light?

The Ultimate gift is basically the final reward that a player gets as soon as they unlock all their blessings and cosmetics from the seasonal spirits present in the seasonal constellation and from the quest giver in exchange of the seasonal hearts.

How can a player change their Sky: Children of the Light account?

It is simple. The players can go to their settings and in there they can click on their Apple ID or Google account then click on logout. Then restart the device and sign in again with the same ID or the one you want to use.

How to save progress in Sky: Children of the Light?

The game progress is saved on phones but this game requires the players to have active Game Center as well as it should be linked to Google or Facebook account to save progress for other devices as well.

What is the point of Sky: Children of the Light game?

This game is a concept of evolution brought for the players to experience. The player has to work and restore the fallen constellations as well as have to restore the light to the world by working together in teams through social world or alone.

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