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Family Hotel





Family hotel is a 3 match puzzle game which is nowadays becoming a famous genre for all the gaming lovers. This is a lighter mode game and everyone can play it who do not like action or violent games.

Family Hotel

Refurbish your hotel from the scratch

Initially, a girl comes to a hotel which she just has bought and the hotel is very old and cluttered. Now, all you have to do is refurbish your hotel along with your friends so it can gain reputation in the market.

Family Hotel

Decorate your hotel

You can decorate your hotel with different stuff and in order to buy different stuff, you have to make money. Now the question comes how will you make money? Well, the answer is quite simple, you have to beat the levels to get money so you can decorate your hotel.

Family Hotel


You will get to see different events in this game and with the occurrence of these events you will also be getting a lot of different gifts and the gift will e according to the season or event. With the help of these events, you could decorate your hotel in a whole different and attractive way.

Family Hotel

Outstanding graphics

The graphics of this game is as wonderful and outstanding as it could be. The realistic touch that is being given to each and every item in the game is laudable. You will actually enjoy its graphics while playing this game.

Family Hotel

A more female oriented game

This game has a slight touch of feminine in it which makes it a more female oriented game, hence women or girls will be having more fun while playing this game instead of males, but above all if you are a male and want to play this game, then go for it.

Family Hotel


Is family hotel an online game?

No, this is not necessarily an online game. You can play it in either ways, offline or online.

Is family hotel a free game?

Yes, you can download and play this game free of cost.

Can only females play family hotel?

As mentioned above, this game does have a slight touch of feminine and it is slightly female oriented game, but anyone can play it. This game is not gender restricted.

In which operating system can we play family hotel?

You can play this game on any operating system be it, Android or IOS.

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